What is Environmental Drilling?

water well drillingWhy do we do environmental drilling?

Environmental drilling is a service performed when soil or groundwater samples are required in order to assess an area for contamination, or when groundwater monitoring wells or remediation wells are required for the treatment of groundwater.  Environmental drilling includes a number of drilling and probing techniques, including sonic drilling, hollow-stem auger drilling, and direct-push or probe sampling.

  • Sonic drilling is a vibratory and rotary drilling system that is used to core overburden (sands, gravels, cobbles, and earths)  or friable rock formations to depths of up to 200 meters.
  • Hollow-stem auger drilling is a drilling method that uses flight-style augers with hollow centers to drill soils to depths of up to 60 meters.  Soil samples are obtained by periodically driving hollow spoons down the inside of the hollow augers ahead of the cutting bit.
  • Direct-push, or soil probing, is a basic sampling method whereby a hollow sample tube is driven by a high speed hammer to depths of up to 50 meters.


Source: http://www.majordrilling.com/